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We aim at simplifying SME’s life by supporting them to set-up their own company and managing their accounting/finance processes.



We can help your organization as follows:

a By doing the accounting for your organization

a By doing the audit of your financials

a By preparing your business plan including financial statements

a By giving the right advice where and how to set-up your legal entity





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The adage goes “Think Global, Act Local”: we embrace this ethos wholeheartedly and strive to assist our clients in building strong global brands and a stable of products and services that are uniquely tailored to local market conditions.


Executive Search/Direct Search


We apply direct search methodology also called Executive Search approach process whereby we approach targeted candidates who are not actively looking for a job.


Industry Practices:

a Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

a Engineering, Construction & Building Materials

a Consumer Goods

Functional Practices:

a Supply Chain

a Human Resources

a Corporate Finance

a Sales & Marketing

a Engineering

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We are a Middle East business management consultancy firm who have been operating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since May 2007. Harnessing experience gained in Europe with French, English and American listed companies, we develop, evolve and enhance our business practices in Executive Search/Management Search and Accounting & Finance Services to perfectly suit the unique culture and ways of working of the Middle East.


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